Renovation Preparation



You would think that Professional Contractors are so good and accurate that they don't need to cover floors and walls.   In fact, it's the exact opposite, all surfaces around any work area need to be protected and covered.

Isolate the Work Area


Whenever possible, the area being worked on should be isolated from the remainder of the building or home.   It takes time to do properly, but we have never had a client complain that we are too clean.

Protect the Floor


Whether we are on site for a Month, Week or 1 day, we protect the floors.  Once the work is done, final clean-up has no surprises !

Proper Preparation is Key


Professional Site Management should take place at any job or work, and should again make sure that the site is clean and debris free at the end of the day.

The details ...


Sometimes, the weather requires additional preparation work that ensures the best results.

A Secure Worksite


Part of Making a Jobsite Secure is to isolate it as Demolition is never pretty and always dirty with Debris everywhere.  However, clean-up is daily!