Restoration - Craftsmanship

Copper Finishing


Older homes have some unique features that require timeless restoration work - such as Copper Finishing, customized for the exterior roof applications

Wood Moldings


Cherry moldings that were crafted from 2 separate pieces, joined in the shop and then stained matt black, 3 coats,  to ensure they will last beautifully for decades on the exterior the home.

Molding Treatments and Proper Staining


Its amazing how moldings can blend into a surface, yet make it distinctly classic, like they look like they belong.

Stone Exterior


Stone exterior homes require repointing and repair from time to time, yet they retain their timeless appearance and classic look.

Cast Iron Lintels


Throughout older homes, Cast Iron Steel lintels rust in layers and tend to discolour exterior surfaces and cause degradation of cement and have to be resurfaces and in some cases replaced.

When its done ...


Restoration work that is completed properly taking care of extenuating circumstances that caused any degradation lasts decades.

Finishing - it's the Details

Before ...


A dated Bathroom in Hampstead


A Walk-In Shower that was completely enclosed with tile, little did we or the owners know that there was mold and the cement was badly degraded underneath the floor

Issues discovered during Demo


Also, there we cracks in the previous Ceramic Tiles, and the reason was simple, no braces between the floor joints where previous work on plumbing had occured.

The Demo further revealed an out-of-date paper Vapour Barrier


So, we re-insulated using RockWool, used 8mm Vapour Barrier, taped properly, furring strips and then moisture resistant drywall and of course a styrofoam base with a layer of cement, followed by a membrane.

Ceramic Tiles - installed with Leveling Clips


Leveling Clips make the job perfect especially when a heated floor is being installed and a carpet ceramic mosaic makes such a difference

Unique Ideas


Round his and hers Mirrors enlarge the space naturally, standing towel rack, open concept vanity with a classic marble top and matt black faucets and fixtures, and LED lighting.  Open, Clean and Classic